Carlos V. (he/him)

Software Engineer, Technical Leader. I am constantly learning and growing. I love supporting and building communities.

My main roles had been related to software development and consultancy, cloud deployment and infrastructure, project management with agile methodologies, Marketing, entrepreneurship, and team growth.

I also am a technical writer and speaker.

Outside the programming world, I'm an amateur photographer and martial artist.


General Info

  • WorkGlobant
  • LocationEcuador
  • ExperienceSince 2006
  • Languages 🧡 , , , TS.
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Carlos Villavicencio

Work Experience (last 10 years)

  • 2022-Present

    Globant Ecuador

    Python Developer - Software Designer

    Tech Leader for teams in companies with a size of 10K+ employees.

    Help other people grow as Career Mentor.

    In other activities, I'm a Globant Cultural Ambassador. Also, leading communities at the country level and volunteering in technical and social activities.

    I like to share knowledge and I became a tech writer for Globant's Medium blog. Besides that, I keep presenting talks as a technical speaker.

  • 2018-2022

    Stack Builders Ecuador

    Software Developer

    I was part of different projects which included but not limited to: Developer education and advocacy (technical documentation platform), real estate, genetics, advertisement. I worked with teams for large companies such as Twilio and Okta. I was appointed to be tech lead of small teams (up to 10 members).

    While working on my assigned projects, I made the SB community team grow. Starting as Quito Lambda meetup coordinator to organize events such as code challenges, meetups with international speakers, social media coordination, and Hacktoberfest execution.

    I also contributed to the community with Open-Source, I won hacktoberfest tee twice. I wrote techincal tutorials and blog posts that I list at the end of this document. I was a speaker at local and international conferences.

  • 2017

    Inkspired USA

    Full Stack Developer

    I worked in desktop applications and overall project support.

  • 2016-2017

    Kwema USA

    Co-founder / CTO

    We care for women's safety. I developed the idea of building a wearable device with a panic button to notify friends and family in case of an emergency against personal integrity. This low-energy Bluetooth is paired with a mobile application and with a back-end that manages the logic. I built the entire technical workflow from scratch: back-end, front-end consumers, native mobile apps for Android and iOS, and low level embedded systems programming.

  • 2014-2017

    ArcadeMe Inc. USA

    Lead Developer

    A Coursera-like platform with courses for video game development. I designed the back-end software from scratch which includes but not limited to course progress, learning paths, and recurring subscription management.

  • 2015-2016

    Option Chile

    Front-end Developer

    I built a front-end cross-platform highly performant application for specific devices.

  • 2012-2015

    ESPOL University Ecuador

    Research Assistant

    I was part of the Research Program on Teaching and Learning Technologies. I worked as a Research Assistant and Software Developer with projects for the European Commission (such as 731001).

  • 2011-2012

    TC Television Ecuador

    Web Developer

    In my year at this company, I was part of the team that redesigned and rebuilt the website. I also was part of Marketing initiatives that improved the social media engagement to mass consumers.

Education and Training

  • 2017

    OCEAN Accelerator

    Class III Alumni

  • 2016


    Cohort 1 Alumni

  • 2014

    Start-up Chile

    Generation 14 Alumni

  • 2007

    Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral

    Computer Science Engineer / Bachelor of Science in Engineering

Talks and Publications

  • Globant


    How to add a basic unit test to a Python Flask app using Pytest

    Medium Story

    Parallelism in Python

    Medium Story

  • EuroPython 2021


    Functional Programming inside OOP? It’s possible with Python


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  • PyCon Colombia 2021


    Functional Programming inside OOP? It’s possible with Python


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  • PyCon China 2020


    How to start using Python Type Annotations


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  • PyCon Colombia 2020


    Type Driven Development


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  • Quito Lambda


    Python con un toque funcional


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  • CircleCI


    Stack Builders lightens the load for servers and devs using CircleCI


  • Stack Builders


    How to add type annotations to SQLAlchemy models?


    Best Practices for Shopify Theme Development



    How to start using Python Type Annotations with Mypy



    Co-author. Workshop on Open Learning Technologies Transfer

    Large-Scale Storage and Retrieval of Educational Metadata Using An Rdf Store.

    Paper Research



    Design, Development, and Application of an Interactive Web Multimedia Application Framework


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